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Reliable Software

Sureware's software consistently meets both your customer's and your expectations. We design, build and release both websites and mobile apps. See below how we could help your project.


Our new projects run on the latest versions of PHP and Laravel so load fast, even for complex sites.


Our hosted sites are delivered over HTTPS and are designed to prevent malicious attacks, such as CSRF attacks.


We guarantee 99% uptime for your site. We'll also extensively test any update to your site before it goes live.


Great design is so important to a user's experience of a site. We follow Material Design principles but can work to any design specification.


We build and design sites following SEO guidelines so your site will be seen by the customers you want.


With over 50% of online activity now on mobile devices we guarantee your site will look great on mobile devices too.


Our software is built in-house meaning we can design products perfect for you.


We guarantee our products will support the latest versions of Android and iOS.


Your product will look great on any device as we build for both mobile and tablets.


We know how to take your app from concept to market having released over 30 apps on Google Play and the App Store.


We follow Google's Material Design principles and Apple's HIGs so your app will be a delight to use.


Our apps are built directly on the Android and iOS platforms so they are lightning fast and can be easily maintained and extended.



Over several years we've developed a range of mobile and online applications both for internal projects and for external clients.

From educational apps such as learning management systems and language learning apps through to entertainment and gaming apps we've successfully brought over 26 apps to market.

We think our work speaks for itself, see our portfolio by clicking below.



We offer a range of web and app development services. We specialise in creating complex Android and iOS mobile applications and online web applications.

We also have extensive experience creating back-end REST APIs to link your apps and websites together via a clean, modern and secure REST interface.

For a full breakdown of the services we offer click below.


App Store Reviews

We have recieved thousands of positive app store reviews.